Naughty and Nice Kitty Set (Pre-Order November 1st)

Naughty and Nice Kitty Set (Pre-Order November 1st)

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This holiday season, Santa is coming to bring all the kittens a present this year. But...the big man has to check his list, check it twice, and see who has been naughty or nice. 

Whether you have been volunteering at your local children's shelter or auditioning for to be the next big thing in Hustler Magazine, Chanellie has something for both the naughty and nice kittens. Our naughty and nice gift set includes a pair of Tanuki Kat Ears, a 12 oz Sugar Scrub, and a Usako Lipgloss *cough* there may or may not be stickers included that are nice or naughty *cough*

Naughty Set: 

Limited Edition Uskao Lipgloss in "Bad Bitch"

Blueberry Pie Sugar Scrub

Diamonds and Pearls Kat Ears

Hentai Stickers

Nice Set:

Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Shimmer Body Scrub

Bend and Snap Kat Ears

Usako Pu$$y Pink Lipgloss

Kawaii stickers