Meet Chanellie

Hey Kitten! 

I’m Chanel but my nickname is Chanellie, so I guess that makes us pretty close. I’m all about selfcare, natural skincare, and quality bath products to add to my selfcare routine.

In. that. order. 

I was inspired to indulge in the world of creating my own line of self-care products after I struggled finding quality scents, smells, lotions, and bath products that were both healthy for my dry, stressed skin and looked and felt luxurious. I didn’t want to choose between bath soaps and body creams that had miscellaneous ingredients but smelled divine and pure, healthy formula soaps that looked and felt ugly. Thus, Chanellie was born.

We have plenty of body products and bath goodies to choose from that would be fabulous additions to your self-care routine. Whether you already have one established or are looking to start new, all our products are handmade with love, care, and plenty of attention that make taking selfish moments to unwind and relax a little easier.

Each product was inspired by someone that helped me get to where I am today so it’s me sharing a little love with you. Without that love, I wouldn’t have become boss lady that sips sangria on Sunday. So with every purchase, you get a piece of me. Pretty neat huh?

Best part, proceeds from our sales help benefit the local Chicago non-profit, Isaac’s Angels, with their youth travel program. Double win on your good conscious, kitten.

Sit back, relax, and indulge in my world of self-care fun. Our products are great for the body and are perfect to add to your new or existing self-care routine. You’ll be glad you did- your skin and health too.

Love, Chanellie.