FAQs about Chanellie

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  • Our Mission:

Whether you are a conosuor in self-care or a new kitten unsure where to begin, Chanellie has everything you need to make your next Self-Care Sunday perfect!

As a champion of selfcare, our goal is to promote overall enhanced well-being through the form of natural bath and body care. We believe good physical health begins from great mental and emotional health. If you feel good, you look even better, kitten. 

Chanellie aims to make taking time for your selfcare a little less selfish and a whole lot more fun, frilly, and fabulous. We use all-natural,  high quality ingredients that are both gentle and highly effective in moisturizing the body. Best part, they smell oh so good too, kittens .


  • Black Female Owned and Operated

Chanellie is PROUDLY Black and Female-Owned and Operated. Our owner (The H.K.I.C. herself, Chanel West) started our business as a personal way to self-care during COVID-19. From making soaps and body balms for herself to keep her own sanity to making them for kittens world-wide, Chanellie was born


  • Supports Local Communites:

Chanellie has a dedicated mission to make selfcare more fun, frilly, and fabulous. In doing so, Chanellie has become an economic staple in our community by intentionally recruiting and partnering with local talent from inner-city neighborhoods in Chicago and sister cities.


  •  Kommitment to Klean Beauty:

Chanellie uses only high-quality, natural ingredients to create her line of bath and body goodies. No synthetics, artificial dyes, or foreign preservatives are used in Chanellie bath and body. Best believe, if we can't say or spell it, it doesn't go inside our products.