Why is Selfcare Important?

Ever wondered why Selfcare is important? You're not alone, kittens. Selfcare is an important form of self-preservation that enables you to take space throughout your day to check-in with yourself. 

Selfcare is being in the mindset that you need time, space, and energy to take care of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health in the best way that fits you 💕  Selfcare doesn't have to be complex and multi-step. Selfcare can be as small and impactful and turning your phone on DND for a few hours, reading a good book, getting off social media for a day, or face making with a Chanellie face mask. 

Selfcare is ab important part to ensure your mind, body, and soul stay aligned in order to navigate through the stressors of life. Daily life can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Selfcare is allowing yourself to take care of you for the health and safety of your best self. 


Love Chanellie 💕