Why Clean Bath, Body, and Beauty?

Hey Kittens! 

Ever wondered why Chanellie is dedicated to the importance of clean, natural bath, body, and beauty? Chanellie believes that what goes on your body is equally nas important as what goes into your body. 

Clean skincare, beauty, and bath and body care all start from the inside, out. You wouldn't eat food that has ingredients that were cooked up in a lab with weird nerds in lab coats poking and prosing around. Duh, no! So why should your daily routine of how you pamper and take care of yourself be any different? 

Clean beauty is more than just a label but a commitment. Chanellie believes that best things come from nature and require little to no processing. All our ingredients are naturally sourced with no random ingredients written in ambiguous language. If we can't pronounce it, it doesn't go inside our products. 

We also believe clean beauty is best services by hand. No machines over here, kittens! Chanellie is handmade by kittens just like you that put love and devotion into sending the best quality product to your home. 


It's a little harder and totally more time consuming but more than worth it. 


Have an excellent selfcare day, kittens! You deserve. 


Love Chanellie 💕