What selfcare looks like

Ever wonder what exactly selfcare is? You aren't alone, kitten.

Selfcare has become an increasingly popular term used recently- especially during the global panoramic that was the shit show 2020. The best way to describe selfcare is that it's whatever you like, enjoy, and find comfort in that bring you physical, emotional, and mental relaxation. 

For us at Chanellie, we love selfcare that includes a great DIY project (*cough* Kumai's Paint N Drank is our fave *cough*), a good face mask using our Hustler Coffee Mask, and getting pampered at the spa. These things bring US comfort and make US happy. 


Selfcare can literally be anything that brings YOU comfort and relaxation. Whether that is reading a book, working out, or soaking in a hit bath with our Cotton Candy Bath Salt, selfcare is anything and everything that allows you to the space to relax and recharge to be your best self.


Love Chanellie 💕