Cutting off toxic relationships

Hey kittens, let's get serious for a second. 

At Chanellie, we love to practice Selfcare with our bath, body, beauty, and DIY Goodies. You kittens know we love a great face mask, Mani/Pedi, and a fabulous DIY project to help us wind down from a rough day. However, selfcare can sometimes be much more than that and often be a little....messy. 

Selfcare is also being comfortable in your own company and learning when to walk away from unreciprocated relationships of any kind- relationships, platonic, friendship, etc. If you are in a relationship that doesn't work with the person you are or are becoming, it's also to walk away for your own self-preservation. 

We often stay in relationships of any kind due to routine or the amount of time that was spent developing that relationship. If you are best friends with someone for 10 years and suddenly begin to drift, of course you would attempt to salvage that relationship. However, if you and that friend are drifting because you both no longer see the world in the same way and it's hurting you emotionally and spiritually, it's time to cut ties. 

Same with a romantic partner. If you are dating someone for a year and throughout that year it's been constant fights and stress, you are holding onto something and someone that is doing you more harm than good. You are hurting yourself more by not letting go. 

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to take our past relationships and experiences for what they were, be happy with the food memories and times shared, and use them as lessons for upcoming memories. 

Love Chanellie 💕