Chanellie takes on Australia!

Hey Kittens!

We have some OMG MAJOR news to share! 

Last week, our H.K.I.C.- Chanel West - was on LIVE Television in.....*drum roll* Australia 🦘 with Ticker News!

Our H.K.I.C. was invited to briefly talk about what inspired Chanellie, why she is so passionate about it, and what her plans for this year include! We were so excited! 

Chanel briefly spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to evaluate her life and career in teaching. She ultimately decided to retire from being an educator but wasn't sure what was next. As a way of personal selfcare and mental health, she began making handmade skincare products. She had so much fun doing it, Chanellie grew into existence. 

It was so amazing to hear our owner talk about her own journey of selfcare that led her to clean, natural bath and body goodies she now shares with all of you. So awesome!